Invitation to 17th Media Ethics Conference

Artificial intelligence: the subjectification of machines - the objectification of Man
Kraków, May 17-18, 2023

Artificial intelligence is a popular and frequent topic of both public discourse and media coverage, as well as scientific discourse and media research. This concept, formulated almost 70 years ago by John McCarthy, has undergone semantic modification over time and is used today not only in a serious and scientifically precise approach to the technical simulation of selected functions of the human mind and senses according to the rules of numerical algorithmization, but also in the context of popular discussions and messages, in which it covers the entirety of the hidden and uncontrolled functioning of machines and applications. Dynamic technological development is conducive to the processes of mediatization of social communication. Media communication also benefits from these dynamics of technological progress, using the functionality of machines and applications in the processes of creating and diffusing media content. These processes are possible thanks to increasingly technically perfect algorithms and their use in information and communication applications, mechanisms for collecting and processing data and making them available in open and closed resources of knowledge and information.

The development of technologies is accompanied by theoretical reflection on their impact on man and society. This reflection is interdisciplinary and largely concerns the ethical dimension. The aim of our Conference is to discover and study human activities in the media world of the functioning of algorithms and artificial intelligence, as well as to study the presence and functionality of "intelligent" information and communication applications in the space of social communication. One of the important problems related to artificial intelligence is the correlation and feedback of human activities with the functioning of machines.

This issue also includes an ethical aspect, because the functioning of machines and IT applications simulates natural human intelligence, and human activities are increasingly determined by artificial intelligence of algorithms. In this context, the ethical dilemma of machine empowerment and human objectification emerges.

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The conference fee is 110 Euro (PLN 500). The fee covers the costs of full participation (conference materials, catering, lunches and gala dinner) along with the possibility of publishing texts in the Media Ethics series (publishing house 120 points, after obtaining approval of the reviewer). The fee does not include the cost of accommodation.

Payment should be made to the following account by April 30, 2023:

Pontifical University of John Paul II in Krakow,
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With kind regards,
prof. dr hab. Michał Drożdż
dr hab. Katarzyna Drąg